Sarlon SupaShade Shade Cloth

When it comes to buying shade sails, fabric should be your biggest consideration. Does it have a high shade factor? Is it sturdy? Is it durable? Is the cloth of good material? Does it come in different shades?

For the most discriminating buyer, we recommend the Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth. It is most suitable for commercial overhead structures or fabrications. The Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth offers the Supashade T Plus technology that gives protection from the damaging UV rays and can withstand climatic extremes like rain and hail. Its technology is designed to allow minimal stretch and optimum fabric memory while providing high UV protection and excellent shade factor. We provide a 10-year warranty should the product experience failure due to ultraviolet degradation.

Sarlon SupaShade

How the Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth works for you

The Supashade Plus is a knitted fabric that is made from HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene Monofilament yarn. It uses the latest low-shrink yarn extrusion techniques. Supasade plus is a fabric that boasts of minimal stretch and superior memory when tensioned. Supashade Plus is much easier to work with because its annealing manufacturing process allows minimized cloth curling.

Color choices

The Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth Supashade Plus 95 model is made available in 3.66-meter width and comes in a range of colors including Vanilla, Terracotta, Denim Blue, Sahara, Beige, Coolabah Green, Rainforest Green, Chilli Red, Marine Blue, Marigold, Opal, Charcoal, and Ice Grey.

Different colors provide different levels of UV protection. The Marigold Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth has 89 percent UVR Block and 69 percent shade. The Marine Blue Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth has 90 percent UVR block and 82 percent shade. Opal has one of the highest UVR blocks at 92 percent, and its shade is also high at 86 percent. The Ice Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth has 90 percent UVR Block, but only 76 percent shade.

Vanilla offers a surprisingly high UVR block of 92 percent and shade of 83 percent. The Sahara Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth, the only one on the brown family, provides 89 percent UVR block and 78 percent shade. Coolahbah green is one of the more popular colors of Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth, and at 91 percent UVR Block and 84percent shade, it is not surprising why. Terracotta and chili red – the two hues in the red family – offer UV block of 93 percent and 90 percent and shades of 84 percent and 71 percent, respectively. But of all the Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth colors, Rainforest Green provides the highest UVR Block of 93 percent and the highest shade of 92 percent.

The other Sarlon SupaShade shade cloth colors not mentioned also have their own UV block and shade protection levels. Call us to find out which one fits your requirements.