Retractable Shade

Malibu Wave Shade Cover

Introducing Wave Shade, another premium product from Malibu Shade, the leading provider of shade products. 

One of the key selling points of this product is the retractable shade. Unlike most shades which offer a full canvas, the Wave Shade is made up of a series of billows.

Fully customisable, Wave Shade offers your customers the best of both worlds, sun when you want it and shade when you need it.

All shades are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit over your outdoor space and can be attached to Pergolas, Homes, Walls and Poles – the options are endless. 


Hardware for all conditions

Every Wave Shade is custom-built to perfectly fit your property, and uses only the very best components and shade materials to offer years of hassle free use. High-quality marine-grade Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings, and durable aluminium spacer battens ensure that your Wave Shade will continue to perform in even the toughest conditions. Aluminium and stainless steel components make them suitable for coastal applications. The hardware system features a sleek, contemporary design to create a stylish finish that will enhance any outdoor area. 

  • Polished marine grade stainless steel means the parts will last longer outdoors
  • Niche natural 20 MIC anodised coating provides a superior product retractable shade
  • Manual retraction system allows customers to extended and retract the shade quickly and easily