Rainbow Shade Cloth

At Urban Shade, we only work with the best. Our manufacturers and suppliers are the best ones around. We can assure you that when you buy a product from us, we will give you exactly what you need. Our shades are made of durable fabric, and one of the top grade fabrics we use is the Rainbow Shade shade cloth.

The Rainbow Shade shade cloth series is widely known throughout the world in the shade industry and is widely distributed in Australia , New Zealand , Asia and other neighboring countries. It has been highly recommended and approved by engineers, architects and manufacturers for the strength, quality, and color range. The Rainbow Shade shade cloth has been tried and tested for the past thirteen years.

Download Rainbow Shade Cloth Colour Swatches Brochure [PDF 692Kb]

Rainbow Shade Cloth

Trusted name

The Rainbow Shade company is also one of the most trusted manufacturers of shade sails, shade structures and tensioned membrane structures, consistently supplying only superior quality products. Its products garnered the best test results in Australia , reaching up to 99 percent UV-B block and up to 97 percent shade. All Rainbow Shade shade cloths are tested under the Australian Standard AS 4174-1994. It is light, making it flexible for a wide array of uses. It also has a strong premier shade fabric, allowing it to withstand harmful elements.

Exceptional features

One of the best features of the Rainbow Shade is its wide range of color. It is not called “rainbow” for nothing, after all. But these hues do not just serve aesthetic purposes – they also indicate protection levels, because different Rainbow Shade shade cloth colors have different UV resistance intensities. For example, Laguna Blue offer higher UV-B protection than does the Gumleaf color.

The Rainbow Shade shade cloth series comes in these colors: Silver Grey, Royal Blue, Mist Green, Ice White, Navy Blue, Meadow Green, Champagne, Rust Gold, Meadow Green, Desert Sand, Terracotta, Rainforest, Sunflower Yellow, Sunset Red, and Mulberry. Talk to us to find out what color is right for you.