Ferrari Vinyl

Aside from size, weight, shape, and flexibility, one of the most important things you have to consider when purchasing shade sails is fabric. Fabric for parking shades can be very different from pool shades, for example. You also need different types of fabric for shades for home and shades for commercial use.

Urban Shade offers a wide range of fabrics from only the most trusted manufacturers who offer the very best in the market. If you are buying for commercial reasons and need something very strong, light, and can withstand constant tension, then the Ferrari Vinyl is perfect for you.

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Ferrari Vinyl

Precontraint Ferrari Technology

The Ferrari Vinyl uses the exclusive patented Precontraint Ferrari Technology, a process that applies constant tension on the fabric during the entire production cycle. This is called a pre-stressing treatment applied at one metric ton per meter. This allows the Ferrari Vinyl to become flexible and attain an exceptional level of mechanical strength that is retained over time.

The process also allows for stronger shade sails that are still very light. It also gives the Ferrari Vinyl an extra long life span and an exceptional dimension stability. If for some reason, an accidental tear of fabric occurs due to vandalism or during installation, the high tenacity polyester yarn structure will prevent the tear from growing in size. The FERRARI® Précontraint technology is subject to the exclusive use of industrial patents and original techniques for the design and manufacture of composite textile membranes.

Color options

The Ferrari Vinyl gives you a wide range of color options in both uniform or multi-colors to complement any structure or design concept. There is a huge palette of pure, pastel, industrial, matching or contrasting colors available for you to look at.


Because of its uniqueness and versatility, the Ferrari Vinyl is an ideal fabric, has many uses, and is highly recognized by construction professionals for its uses.

It is used in tents and structures, PVC textile composite membrane, event structures, security textiles for pillow tanks, modular industrial construction, outdoor textiles for mobile structure, technical textiles for truck tarpaulins and light structures, flexible doors and partitions, military tarpaulin and military tent, furniture textiles, marine fabrics, under roof waterproofing and facade insulation, printing media and support for communication, printing textiles, and other temporary structures.

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Here at Urban Shade, we make sure that you are satisfied with every shade product purchase you make. We take all your needs, requirements, and purposes for utilizing sail shades into consideration. As much as possible, we make custom-made products according to the structure and specifications that you have in mind. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in using Ferrari Vinyl for your shading requirements. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.