Coolaroo Commercial 95 Shade Cloth

All Urban Shade products are the best in the league because we use only the best materials available in the market and work with trusted suppliers who have the latest technology available. We use only the best shade cloth, for example. One of our commercial grade fabrics is the Coolaroo shade cloth. This range offers the ideal combination of highest sun protection and strength to guarantee maintenance-free, long-life performance.

Exceptional strength

The Coolaroo Commercial 95 shade cloth has been developed specifically for use in tension structures and shade awnings. Coolaroo shade cloths offer ultimate durability. You can count on it for long life performance.


Engineered to last

Because it is knitted and not woven, the construction it does not tear and fray easily. Its unique lock stitch construction makes use of monofilament and tape, therefore producing a dimensionally stable fabric. It can be attached easily to any structure with screws because it does not tear even when it is cut. It is also maintenance-free. The Coolaroo shade cloth is manufactured using an advanced stentering process, which allows heat to set the ‘fabric memory’ so that the fabric remains stable and consistent and does not shrink. The Coolaroo shade cloth is so strong that it will not degrade or show evidence of material breakdown from the result of UV exposure for a period of 10 years.


The Coolaroo shade cloth has literally millions and millions of tiny holes which allow air to flow freely. This makes the fabric breathable, allowing a cool temperature beneath. It reduces the heat from the sun by up to 32 percent. By reducing uncomfortable heat, it allows maximum comfort for you, your family, guests, or customers.

UV protection

The Coolaroo shade cloth can provide 91 to 95 percent UVR blocking, creating for you a safe outdoor environment. Now you can stay outdoors as long as you want without fear of getting skin diseases or ruining your complexion.

Beautiful colors

The Coolaroo shade cloth is available in a wide range of colors, including Turquoise, Steel Grey, Cherri Red, Natural, River Gum Green, Sky Blue, Black, Desert Sand, Yellow, Aqua Blue, Navy Blue, Brunswick Green, and Ochre Red. You will surely find a shade to match your décor. The special Coolaroo technology ensures that the colors will remain vibrant for years. The state-of-the-art material allows it to remain totally unaffected by moisture and other natural temperature extremes. They can even withstand the harshest weather conditions such as very strong winds and even hail.

Use it anywhere

The Coolaroo shade cloth is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. It is ideal for both home and commercial use. Whether you want to have a picnic in your backyard, line umbrellas on the side walk outside your cafe, or invite people over for a barbecue, the Coolaroo shade cloth fabric is the perfect outdoor shade fabric.