Benefits of Shade Structures

A shade structure has become an integral part of public spaces such as childrens play areas in parks, public swimming pools, schools, and childcare facilities. In our day and age it is increasingly important to protect ourselves and our children from the suns harsh UV rays. This range of shade structures offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance free, long life performance.

Effects of ozone depletion

Our planet has been blessed with an energy source as abundant as the sun. It supplies power to both forests and cities, and keeps the temperature of the planet at levels that we can tolerate. However, due to man’s inadvertent tampering with the delicate balance of nature, the sun’s rays have now become harmful and potentially deadly. Because of the widespread use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as refrigerants and propellants for gas canisters, the layer of the atmosphere that protects us from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun, the ozone layer has been worn away.

Ultraviolet radiation and health

One among the many kinds of radiation that the sun’s rays emit is ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Scientists have further separated this kind of radiation into three: UVA, which is the least harmful and penetrates most windows; UVB, which can cause eye and skin damage, and eventually, even skin cancer; and UVC, which is the highest in energy level and can be the most dangerous of the three.

The adverse effect of UV radiation is alarming. Australia, which has a high rate of ozone depletion, also has very high incidence of skin cancer. Numbers do not lie: one in 25 Australian men and one in 34 women have skin cancer.

Get protection from the sun with shade sails

Urban Shade makes durable and attractive shade structures to protect you from the sun’s potentially harmful rays. With shade structures, people no longer have to hide inside their houses in the daytime. Being outdoors to enjoy the fresh air is a pleasure few would give up voluntarily, and thanks to Malibu Shade, shade structures, you do not have to. Our structures make your environment more versatile and they create a modern, high-tech feel to the most rustic of settings.

Our shade structures have been effectively used to protect playgrounds, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and car parks, and have added a 21 st -century touch to garden and outdoor weddings. Our sun shades can be customized to your specifications – we can easily address considerations like wind resistance and dimension limitations of the area. Additionally, all of our shade structures come with full UV protection. So get a customized Malibu Shade shade structure right now to beat the heat (and maybe skin cancer as well).